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MathKeisan Licensing

There is licensing in MathKeisan for IPF for version 1.5.0 or later. The licensing is on a per-machine basis, based on the number of CPUs.

How to obtain MathKeisan License

  1. Run mk_machinfo on each machine, concatenating the outputs to a single file:

    % /opt/MathKeisan/bin/mk_machinfo >> mk.machinfo
    The file will look something like this:
       host1   4 eth0 00:01:02:03:04:05 48D36B987F4D664711A88070BDF8F1F7E7E5E5C2
       host2  16 eth0 00:06:05:04:03:02 D8AA32F58CD06205DF0713C3770E77B9B258502C
  2. Send NEC the contents of the file, using this web form.

  3. NEC will send back a license file.

  4. Install the license file. There are several ways to go about installing the license file:

    • Copy the license file to /etc/MK.license on each machine.

    • Copy the license file to a filesystem shared across all of the machines, and make /etc/MK.license a symlink to the shared license file. For example:

      % ln -s /common/licenses/MK.license /etc/MK.license
    • Copy the license file to a custom path, and set MK_LICENSE_FILE to point to this path. For example:

      % cp MK.license /mnt/user/MK.license
      % export MK_LICENSE_FILE=/mnt/user/MK.license
  5. Test the license on each machine, by running mk_checklicense:

    % /opt/MathKeisan/bin/mk_checklicense
    MathKeisan license found and accepted.
  6. Report any problems to us.
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