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Orchestrating a brigher world


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User's Guide: CBLAS


CBLAS is a C language interface to the BLAS.

User Interface

User interface information is available from several sources:

CBLAS Routine List

Only routine names are listed. For descriptions, look in the corresponding BLAS Routine List.

  float double float complex double complex
Level 1 BLAS cblas_sdot cblas_ddot    
cblas_sdsdot cblas_dsdot    
    cblas_cdotu_sub cblas_zdotu_sub
    cblas_cdotc_sub cblas_zdotc_sub
cblas_snrm2 cblas_dnrm2 cblas_scnrm2 cblas_dznrm2
cblas_sasum cblas_dasum cblas_scasum cblas_dzasum
cblas_isamax cblas_idamax cblas_icamax cblas_izamax
cblas_sswap cblas_dswap cblas_cswap cblas_zswap
cblas_saxpy cblas_daxpy cblas_caxpy cblas_zaxpy
cblas_scopy cblas_dcopy cblas_ccopy cblas_zcopy
cblas_srot cblas_drot    
cblas_srotg cblas_drotg    
cblas_srotm cblas_drotm    
cblas_srotmg cblas_drotmg    
cblas_sscal cblas_dscal cblas_cscal cblas_zscal
    cblas_csscal cblas_zdscal
Level 2 BLAS cblas_sgemv cblas_dgemv cblas_cgemv cblas_zgemv
cblas_sgbmv cblas_dgbmv cblas_cgbmv cblas_zgbmv
cblas_strmv cblas_dtrmv cblas_ctrmv cblas_ztrmv
cblas_stbmv cblas_dtbmv cblas_ctbmv cblas_ztbmv
cblas_stpmv cblas_dtpmv cblas_ctpmv cblas_ztpmv
cblas_strsv cblas_dtrsv cblas_ctrsv cblas_ztrsv
cblas_stbsv cblas_dtbsv cblas_ctbsv cblas_ztbsv
cblas_stpsv cblas_dtpsv cblas_ctpsv cblas_ztpsv
cblas_ssymv cblas_dsymv cblas_chemv cblas_zhemv
cblas_ssbmv cblas_dsbmv cblas_chbmv cblas_zhbmv
cblas_sspmv cblas_dspmv cblas_chpmv cblas_zhpmv
cblas_sger cblas_dger    
cblas_cgeru cblas_zgeru    
cblas_cgerc cblas_zgerc    
cblas_ssyr cblas_dsyr    
cblas_sspr cblas_dspr    
cblas_ssyr2 cblas_dsyr2    
cblas_sspr2 cblas_dspr2    
    cblas_cher cblas_zher
    cblas_chpr cblas_zhpr
    cblas_cher2 cblas_zher2
    cblas_chpr2 cblas_zhpr2
Level 3 BLAS cblas_sgemm cblas_dgemm cblas_cgemm cblas_zgemm
cblas_ssymm cblas_dsymm cblas_csymm cblas_zsymm
cblas_ssyrk cblas_dsyrk cblas_csyrk cblas_zsyrk
cblas_ssyr2k cblas_dsyr2k cblas_csyr2k cblas_zsyr2k
cblas_strmm cblas_dtrmm cblas_ctrmm cblas_ztrmm
cblas_strsm cblas_dtrsm cblas_ctrsm cblas_ztrsm
    cblas_chemm cblas_zhemm
    cblas_cherk cblas_zherk
    cblas_cher2k cblas_zher2k
Auxiliary Functions cblas_xerbla

Further Reading

  1. C interface to the Legacy BLAS
  2. BLAS Technical Forum
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