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User's Guide: Linking MathKeisan

Linking for SX

To link, use the SUPER-UX command f90, or the cross-compile command sxf90. If your code is compiled with the f90 -dw flag (the default), link with the libraries listed in Table 1. If your code is compiled with the f90 -ew flag, link with the libraries in Table 2. Link the libraries in the order shown, or use the f90 -h lib_cyclic flag. Please see Table 3 for the integer and real data types used in the libraries.

Table 1: Linking for -dw
Library Name Link Libraries
BLAS -lblas
LAPACK -llapack -lblas
ScaLAPACK -lscalapack -lblacsF90init -lblacs -lblacsF90init -llapack -lblas -lmpi
BLACS -lblacsF90init -lblacs -lblacsF90init -lmpi
PARBLAS -lparblas -Popenmp
CBLAS -lcblas -lblas
SBLAS -lsblas
FFT -lfft
PARFFT -lparfft -Popenmp
ARPACK -larpack -llapack -lblas
PARPACK -lparpack -larpack -llapack -lblas -lmpi
Table 2: Linking for -ew
Library Name Link libraries
BLAS -lblas_64
LAPACK -llapack_64 -lblas_64
ScaLAPACK -lscalapack_64 -lblacsF90init_64 -lblacs_64 -lblacsF90init_64 -llapack_64 -lblas_64 -lmpiw
BLACS -lblacsF90init_64 -lblacs_64 -lblacsF90init_64 -lmpiw
PARBLAS -lparblas_64 -Popenmp
CBLAS not available
SBLAS -lsblas_64
FFT -lfft_64
PARFFT -lparfft_64 -Popenmp
ARPACK -larpack_64 -llapack_64 -lblas_64
PARPACK -lparpack_64 -larpack_64 -llapack_64 -lblas_64 -lmpiw

Link errors may occur if the MathKeisan libraries cannot be found. The default directory containing MathKeisan libraries is /usr/opt/mathkeisan/inst/lib0 on SX machines, and /SX/opt/mathkeisan/inst/lib0 on cross-compile machines. If the libraries are not in these directories, please specify their location using the link flag -Ldir, where dir is the full path name of the directory containing MathKeisan libraries.

When linking with MathKeisan Libraries (except CBLAS and BLACS) using the C/C++ compiler, append -f90lib compile/link option on the command line.
Use -f90lib dw when linking in -dw MathKeisan Libraries and use -f90lib ew when linking in -ew MathKeisan Libraries.

When linking with f90, if any of the symbols __c_cexp, __c_csqrt, __c_npow, __c_pow, __c_ppow, __c_sincos, __c_spow, __c_stkmem, __c_stkmem2, __c_tpow, __c_vcexp, __c_vcsqrt, __c_vpow, __c_vsassign4, __c_vsincos, __c_wcexp, __c_wcsqrt, __c_wpow, __c_wsincos appear unresolved, then append -lcpp to the link command line after all MathKeisan libraries.

Libraries for SX

The MathKeisan SX libraries for different data types are listed in Table 3.

Table 3: MathKeisan SX Libraries for Data Types
Library Name 4-byte integer (f90 -dw) 8-byte integer (f90 -ew)
4-byte real 8-byte real 8-byte real
Library Prefix Library Prefix Library Prefix
BLAS libblas.a S C libblas.a D Z libblas_64.a S D C Z
LAPACK liblapack.a S C liblapack.a D Z liblapack_64.a S D C Z
ScaLAPACK libscalapack.a S C libscalapack.a D Z libscalapack_64.a S D C Z
BLACS libblacs.a S C libblacs.a D Z libblacs_64.a S D C Z
PARBLAS libparblas.a S C libparblas.a D Z libparblas_64.a S D C Z
CBLAS libcblas.a S C libcblas.a D Z not available
SBLAS libsblas.a S C libsblas.a D Z libsblas_64.a S D C Z
FFT libfft.a S C libfft.a D Z libfft_64.a S D C Z
PARFFT libparfft.a S C libparfft.a D Z libparfft_64.a S D C Z
ARPACK libarpack.a S C libarpack.a D Z libarpack_64.a S D C Z
PARPACK libparpack.a S C libparpack.a D Z libparpack_64.a S D C Z

Libraries in Table 3 are for either 4-byte (32-bit) integer data type (Fortran integer(kind=4)) or 8-byte (64-bit) integer date type (Fortran integer(kind=8)).

Code compiled with the f90 default -dw uses 4-byte integers, and should be linked to libraries shown under the heading "4-byte integer".

Code compiled with f90 -ew uses 8-byte integers, and should be linked to libraries shown under the heading "8-byte integer".

The floating-point data type is either implicit, which is indicated when the "Prefix" column is empty, or is determined by the prefix of the subprogram name, as follows:

Table 4: SX Data Types Based on Prefixes
Prefix 4-byte integer (f90 -dw) 8-byte integer (f90 -ew)
S 4-byte real (Fortran real(kind=4)) 8-byte real (Fortran real(kind=8))
D 8-byte real (Fortran real(kind=8)) 8-byte real (Fortran real(kind=8))
C 8-byte complex (Fortran complex(kind=4)) 16-byte complex (Fortran complex(kind=8))
Z 16-byte complex (Fortran complex(kind=8)) 16-byte complex (Fortran complex(kind=8))

Note that in Table 4, the subprograms for 8-byte integer data type (f90 -ew) have 8-byte real data type for both the S and D prefixes, and 16-byte complex data type for both the C and Z prefixes.

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