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User's Guide: Man Pages

The first source of documentation for MathKeisan is the Man Pages. There is a man page for each library. There are also man pages for individual subroutines in the libraries BLAS, LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, FFT, ARPACK, and PARPACK.

For example, for BLAS, type man blas, and for the BLAS subroutine dgemm, type man dgemm.

There are also online versions of the man pages.

If you get a No manual entry for xxx error message, it means that the man command cannot find the specified man page. Depending on the machine you are using, you can fix the problem either by setting the MANPATH environment variable, or by using the man -M flag.

The default directories for the MathKeisan man pages are shown in the table below, varying by platform.

Host machine Default Man Page Directory
SX cross-compiler /SX/opt/mathkeisan/inst/man/C
SX native /usr/opt/mathkeisan/inst/man/C

The following sections assume that the MathKeisan man pages are in the default directories listed above. If they are not in these directories, then replace the directories in the instructions below with the directories which contain the MathKeisan man pages.

Setting MANPATH on SX Cross-Compile Machines

For the C shell, the following line can be added to your .cshrc file, or entered on the command line:

if ($?MANPATH) then
    setenv MANPATH /SX/opt/mathkeisan/inst/man/C:$MANPATH
    setenv MANPATH /SX/opt/mathkeisan/inst/man/C:/usr/share/man:/usr/local/man

For the Bourne or Bash shell, the following line can be added to your .profile file, or entered on the command line:

export MANPATH

Using the man -M flag on SX Native Machines

Use the man -M flag to specify a man directory. For example, for the BLAS man page, type:

 man -M/usr/opt/mathkeisan/inst/man/C blas
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