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User's Guide: Sparse BLAS


The SBLAS (Sparse BLAS) are an extension to the Level 1 BLAS subprograms, targeted at sparse vector operations.

They are from ACM Algorithm 692 [1].

User Interface

User interface information is available from several sources:

  • The SBLAS Routine List contains one-line summaries for SBLAS subprograms.
  • The SBLAS Man Pages have user interface information for individual subprograms. To view information on the subprogram SDOTI from the command line, type man sdoti. If you have difficulty viewing man pages, please see the Man Pages Chapter.
  • The Linking Chapter tells how to link with the SBLAS library.

SBLAS Routine List

 ?  indicates prefix which must be filled with a combination of:
S = REAL(kind=4), D = REAL(kind=8), C = COMPLEX(kind=4), Z = COMPLEX(kind=8)
Name Prefixes Description
?DOTI S D Dot product, real
?DOTUI C Z Dot product, complex
?DOTCI C Z Dot product, complex conjugate first vector
?AXPYI S D C Z Vector scale and add
?ROTI S D Apply Givens rotation
?GTHR S D C Z Gather vector y into vector x
?GTHRZ S D C Z Gather vector y into vector x, and zero vector y
?SCTR S D C Z Scatter vector x into vector y

Further Reading

  1. Dodson, D. S., Grimes, R. G., and Lewis, J. G. "Sparse extensions to the FORTRAN basic linear algebra subprograms," ACM Trans. Math. Softw. 17, 2 (June 1991), pp. 253-263.
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